Beresford Street Kitchen

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This weekend saw No Limits welcomed to The Beresford Street Kitchen (or ‘BSK’) , Jersey for an active couple of days where we were truly immersed within the BSK Crew.

“A cafe with a conscience”, Beresford Street Kitchen is a social enterprise providing training and employment for people with learning disabilities.  Having the same ethos and belief that young people with different needs can be a valued, important and much-needed member of the workforce, BSK has been a true inspiration to us!

Open for just over a year BSK started with 16 Crew (their team members) and now have a Crew of 45 members.

Two busy days took place including numerous meetings, over coffee of course!,   including chatting to Managing Directors, Fundraisers, and Support Workers as well as a lot of time spent with different Crew members.

An educational time was had to see the team at  Beresford’s Print Works in action (The Crew generously printed a mug and canvas bag for us with our No Limits logo!).

The separate catering kitchen was a hive of activity where the Crew were closely supported by two colleagues but still able to be as independent as possible each with their own responsibilities, areas of expertise (and sense of humour)

Those working front of house were incredibly busy dealing with customers, handling the money and till, taking and serving orders and using what looked like a state of the art space age coffee machine!

We really got stuck in from cleaning tables to assisting some of the Crew in the kitchen with their shortbread biscuits (we forgot to take a photo!)  and walking the local streets with leaflets and a bucket to support their local fundraising effort.

To see each of the Crew members filled with confidence, a purpose and immense pride at truly being part of the working team is a true inspiration.

This was a busy cafe which was filled with customers throughout the time we were there showing this really does work and that breaking down barriers is a possibility. Here at No Limits, we want to help that happen!

We have now opened up links with Beresford Street Kitchen who have been a fountain of knowledge and experience.

We can’t thank them enough for their warm welcome and generosity.

To find out more about Beresford Street Kitchen check out their website