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Sarah Thorp – Director

Having lived in Devon for most of my life, I now live in Denbury with my family and teenage son Zach (who you will find is part of our team too!)

This project has been a dream for what feels like an eternity and I am so proud of what we have achieved so far! Our team are completely inspirational.

Seeing skills and confidence flourish and proving that everyone has so much to offer the world of work and our community, given an enabling environment, is hopefully just the start of our adventure.


Amanda Pugh – Director

With a passion for advocacy and inclusion for people with additional needs, I’m really excited to be involved with this fantastic project!

We are already seeing a real sense of support from the local community and the breaking down of some barriers.

Watching our participants accomplish new skills, grow in self esteem and come into work smiling makes every day worthwhile.

I live in Kingsteignton with my husband and teen daughter, Poppy.  Life is busy but I love it!


Nicola – Cafe Team Mentor

After volunteering with us last year at Newton Abbot Carnival, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of asking Nicola to join the cafe team once we opened!

Nicola brings a wealth of cafe and customer service experience after ten years at Seale Hayne’s Bistro. Her bubbly personality and enthusiastic sales skills are a great asset!
Extremely passionate about all individuals being celebrated,regardless of their abilities, she is a fantastic role model and mentor to our younger work experience team.
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Laura 1-1 Job Coach

Calm and patient, Laura is one of our job coaches!

Laura has a background supporting people with mental health issues and her warm personality shines through when she is working with our Work Experience team.

Laura is a real asset to the No Limits team with her constant positivity and enthusiasm. 

Laura lives with her family and enjoys the quiet life (who can blame her!)


Poppy – Cafe Volunteer

Our youngest Work Experience member, Poppy takes her role at No Limits in her stride!

Poppy can be found confidently rustling up milkshakes or demonstrating excellent customer service skills counter side

Please come in and try one of Poppy’s specialities – Indulgent Hot Chocolate, extra cream and toppings guaranteed! Poppy also successfully gained her Barista certificate this summer.
Poppy is currently studying for her GCSE’s but volunteers with us once a week and is working towards her D of E Bronze Award.
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Sarah 1-1 Job Coach

Sarah comes to us with a background in Learning Support.

Sarah is great at breaking tasks down into manageable steps, giving our team members a real sense of accomplishment at every task mastered!

Getting stuck into any task asked of her, she is a real team player and conscientious worker with a wealth of knowledge.

Sarah loves animals and enjoys river swimming (whatever the weather!)

cafe team member stood in front of barista machine

Zach – Supported Internship & Cafe Mentor

Having left school with some catering, hospitality and retail qualifications, Zach Works Mondays and Wednesdays on a supported internship whilst continuing his qualifications at college (eat that frog, Newton Abbot).


Zach’s role is as a Cafe team member and Mentor, supporting other participants on their journeys . You’ll find Zach charming customers behind the counter, busy ably preparing lunch in the kitchen or making one of his delicious lattes.
Zach is also an active member of his community, a representative on the Children’s Disabled Council and on his college council. 
lady cutting flowers at cafe table No Limits Cafe

Julia 1-1 Job Coach

Warm and friendly Julia has worked for many years as a teacher in special schools and colleges.

Looking for a new challenge and to utilise her vast experience, Julia has been a real asset as a 1-1 Job Coach demonstrating patience and encouragement and keen to learn new skills herself in the kitchen!

“I absolutely love this job. It’s a privilege to be part of such an inspiring project”

Julia loves to read and is a keen member of the No Limits Signing Choir!


Sita – Work Experience

Sita is fantastic both serving customers and working in the kitchen, she’s also a whizz at cleaning and clearingtables without being prompted – blink and you’ll miss her!  


A massive Rita Ora fan ( she has met her in person!), Sita has lots of valuable skills gained from her time at Bovey Castle no less! 

More recently she has volunteered at China Blue and then been employed by The Seven Stars in Totnes.

 Sita has recently starting using the coffee machine and is picking up the process really well. It’s great to see her confidence grow.


Lois – Work Experience

Lois is really growing in confidence after just a few sessions working with us and is absolutely brilliant in the kitchen.

A fan of sweet things (who isn’t?!) she’s brilliant at rustling up Brownies or assisting with salad prep and our hot deli items!
Lois is also now enjoying more of the customer service aspect of cafe work and is mastering the till and front of house.
Lois also attends South Devon Collegewhere she is studying for her Work & Independence Qualification.
making coffee

Tom – Work Experience

Tom is always keen to do any task asked of him and his confidence is really shining through.

Having completed his Barista Training, Tom is more than confident independently whipping up a Latte or Hot Chocolate.
Tom is also gaining in confidence serving customers and delivering food and drinks to the table.
If you pop in on a Friday you may well be met by the dulcet tones of ‘Mr Bean’ coming from the kitchen ….. don’t worry, it’s just Tom entertaining us with his impersonations
man holding cake in kitchen of no limits cafe

Zac Z –  Cafe Volunteer

Zac has a real ‘can do’ attitude and after completing a Work Experience programme with us (where he gained certification in  Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety, Allergy Awareness and Barista Skills!) we are extremely fortunate that he now volunteers with us one day a week.

Polite, professional and with an intricate knowledge of all there is to know on the Barista side, he uses his inititave and is an excellent team member.

A busy individual, Zac has also volunteered at the Pow Wow cafe in Teignmouth for quite some time so and he is also studying hard for a qualification in counselling.


Anna – Work Experience

Polite, friendly and efficient, Anna is a real hard worker  with a great sense of humour. If you order a delivery, don’t be surprised if Anna turns up with your order!

 Anna is really into music and plays the keyboard in monthly gigs (pre lockdown! )
She is also a radio presenter at Tower Sound Newton Abbot Community hospital radio once a week on Thursday afternoons! Prior to this she was also a presenter with Access All Aerials for 4 years at Seale Hayne before it’s closure.
Despite not ever living in Manchester she has supported Manchester United for a long time.
She loves gardening too! Such a busy person, we are thrilled that she has found time to work with us at No Limits!

Samuel- Work Experience

Here’s an introduction to Samuel who started work experience with us in October!
Samuel works with us one day a week.

A massive Car fan ( especially Sarah’s VW Camper Van! ), Samuel has lots of valuable skills gained from his time at Bicton College where he is now studying Vocational options! 

He is particularly experienced in gardening, car washing and driving tractors.

Samuel is doing fantastically both serving customers and working in the kitchen, he’s also a whizz at washing up without being asked 😊 Samuel is looking forward to starting to use the coffee machine and completing his Barista certificate 

lady holding green Tshirt

Jemma – Cafe Volunteer

Jemma helps us out one afternoon a week, and is a valued member of our team.

Jemma is always enthusiastic and bubbly and keen to carry out any task asked of her.

We really need Jemma’s help on a Thursday as she’s a great help at keeping cutlery shiny and clean, ensuring tables and chairs are thoroughly wiped down and that the cafe is generally clean and tidy and looking it’s best.

She always enjoys her hot chocolate break too, taking the opportunity to chat with the team and take a well deserved rest!


Susanne – Accounts Administrator

Susanne has a background in accountancy and without her numeracy skills, eye for detail and keeness for accuracy we would be lost!

Coming to our rescue two days a week, she fine tunes everything ‘office side’ and helps keep things running smoothly.  

We top her up with coffees to keep her going!

In her spare time Sue enjoys the country life, living on a farm, with her family, husband ( and quite a few cows!)


Judith Morgan Director

Having been in the teaching profession for 38 years, I retired as an Assistant Principal in 2016. However, I have never lost my interest in young people and their development. 

I am really happy to have found a way in which I can support a new educational opportunity for local students and I hope that I will be able to bring my experience and enthusiasm to the group. I am amazed at what has already been achieved and the commitment, which is very obvious, from everyone involved. I believe that all young people should have the opportunity to develop their potential in a supportive environment and No Limits seems just the vehicle for this.

I enjoy being retired and having more choice in what I am doing. I always intended to get involved with a community project but it has taken me a little time to decide what that would be. I hope that I will bring some useful qualities and abilities with me to help develop this wonderful project.


Vanessa – Volunteer Transition Support Coach

Vanessa volunteers her time with us and gets to know our participants over their time at No Limits; supporting them in their search for employment opportunities, training options and/or educational choices – their next step!

Coming from a career in teaching and senior management, Vanessa’s background is in mentoring young people, particularly Post 16; helping them secure employment, training and assisting and advising with Further and Higher Education choices.

Vanessa works on the ethos that “Enpowering young people and recognising their skills and unique talents is key”


I’ve been running my own business since I graduated as a (very) mature student from Plymouth Uni in 2012 and I love it. I organise work programmes abroad and what a privilege it is to support young people at the start of their professional journeys. 

My own career has focused on hospitality, customer service and training with experience in everything from managing huge LearnDirect contracts to running a pub at 23 years old! That said, I am always a mum first and everything else second.

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