Suspended Coffees at No Limits

A Suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, no matter why and here at No Limits Cafe, Kitchen & Hub we are proud to be offering Suspended Coffees to the people of Newton Abbot. 

 Come into our cafe in the heart of Newton Abbot and instead of just buying one coffee buy two (or more!) We give you a token to pop into a jar which waits until somebody comes in to redeem a Suspended Coffee.

The number of Suspended Coffee available are displayed in our window so if anybody wants to claim one they can simply come in and ask for one!

suspended coffee newton abbot
Our Supended Coffee Jar a Suspended Coffee and then pop the token in the jar ready for somebody in need to redeem. If you prefer you can give the token directly to a specific person.

Who can use it?  

Anyone in need.

It can be for the homeless person you pass every day on the street, a stressed student in the middle of exams, a parent who can’t afford coffee in this month’s grocery shopping. 

It’s not up to us to judge – if someone asks, then they’re in need and (provided we have a token) we will provide them with their coffee.  

You don’t have to buy just a coffee – you can choose to buy any item from the menu.  


no limits gift voucher

We even sell Gift Vouchers starting from £2.50 so if you prefer you can buy a voucher and then give that to somebody in need instead!

We are really proud to be on the #SuspendedCoffees map! Please spread the word!